When it comes to your creative thinking skills, are you an idea builder or an idea slasher?

In other words, when you ask someone for advice, ideas, or creative thinking (or simply declare you need help and someone else responds), how do you immediately react to what they have to say?

Someone with strong creating thinking skills listens to what the other person has to say, then starts to build on ideas being shared. This type of person makes connections to what he or she already thinks, asks for additional information (with positive language), and builds on the creative thinking the other person is offering.

8 Clues You Are an Idea Slasher

A slasher, on the other hand, immediately says things such as:

  • Maybe, but . . .
  • “So and so” already told me . . .
  • I’ve already tried that . . .
  • Here's what I think about that . . . (followed by negative comments)
  • Yes, but . . .
  • My experience tells me . . .
  • I suppose, but I’m not sure why . . .
  • You don’t understand . . .

Yes, I have heard or even said all these over the past few weeks. We can all temporarily abandon strong creative thinking skills and fall into the idea slasher trap.


If you are an idea slasher, you will quickly wear out the interest, patience, and enthusiasm of others who might offer you creative thinking, even when you most need it.

Back to the opening question then, “When it comes to creative thinking, are you an idea builder or an idea slasher?”

It is incredibly difficult to listen to ourselves. Because of this, you may not be able to answer whether you are an idea builder or an idea slasher when presented with someone else's creative thinking. You may have to ask those you most interact with what group THEY think you fit in most of the time.

If you do as others, be prepared for potentially tough responses. Take their comments in and process them before reacting. If you hear the answer you do not want, be sure to simply listen, and DON’T respond with an idea-slashing comment!

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