Cup-SizesWe're constantly tweaking Brainzooming creative thinking exercises. Our objective is learning what works better or differently in new situations. One learning from this process? Different questions stretch creative thinking to varying degrees.

We have always had expectations for how "big" the ideas will be from different types of creative thinking exercises. We also consciously mix and match questions from multiple idea “size categories” within individual creative thinking exercises.

One learning is we can definitely categorize creative thinking exercises based on idea sizes: Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large. 

Creative Thinking Exercises in S, M, L, and XL Creative Idea Sizes

In light of that, here are a variety of Brainzooming questions and creative thinking exercises arranged by the resulting idea size. Click through all the links, and you have access to one hundred forty-four creative thinking questions to apply as you most need them!

Small Ideas

Medium Ideas

Large Ideas

Extra Large Ideas

Be sure to bookmark this list, and the next time you’re only hungry for an idea snack OR you really want to SUPER SIZE your ideas, you know where to go! – Mike Brown


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