Sometimes, we get to design a creative thinking exercise that seems like so much fun during its development that it causes me to continually smile and giggle.

We have a new one of those that we debuted yesterday.

In its new form, it's called Surf-to-Turf. It combines the Shrimp creative thinking exercise, the ultra-popular-at-Brainzooming mad face emoji, the extreme creativity and celebratory slogan ("Winner, winner chicken dinner") of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and one of our favorite products: orange, "I Am Creative," notes to self socks.

All that in the poster shown here.

How can you see all those mad emoji faces and NOT giggle?

This design came about specifically for this client. Our objective was to provide the innovation strategy workshop participants a chance to vary their activities, work with new people, self-manage their performance on a creative thinking exercise, and have a chance to win a prize (the orange socks).

Do you like the idea of working with a partner that designs what it does all around what makes sense for your brand and the innovators you have on your team?

If you do, then contact us. Let’s figure out how we can customize and develop the right strategic thinking and creativity tools to make you giggle, smile, and come up with winning strategies! – Mike Brown

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