Wikipedia describes a superpower as a "fictional superhuman ability."

But what if the superpower weren't fictional, at least when it comes to your ability to envision and implement an innovation strategy? If you actually had an innovation strategy superpower, which one would you want to wield?

For me, I'd want my go-to innovation superpower to be a protective shield against hearing any ill-founded "no" standing in the way of doing new things. That shield would provide protection from other people saying no, and it would, perhaps most importantly, provide protection against all the reasons for not innovating that come to life inside my own brain. Those are often more damaging and more long-lasting than the ones someone else delivers. At least when someone else is shooting down your idea, others may hear the objections and help jump in to challenge them.

When you are continually shooting down your own ideas before they see the light of day, perhaps nobody else even knows that is happening.


If you invest the time to collect and use the ones that work for you, you can bring your innovation strategy superpower to life via all the creativity questions and strategic thinking exercises on the Brainzooming blog!

See that superpower DOESN'T have to be fictional at all! - Mike Brown


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