There are soooooooooooooo many ways to generate creative ideas.

One way is to come up with a name that inspires an idea. When you check the name, it doesn't work (or someone has already used it), but the idea has some possibilities, so you run with it.

That's what has happened here.

A name for a new Friday feature popped into my head at a conference. Unfortunately, the name is already "a thing," although not that big of a thing. But enough of a thing that there was no credible way to claim that it was unique to the Brainzooming blog.

Since the idea worked, however, we're running with the concept and resurrecting a feature name we haven't used for quite some time: Creative Quickies. These features will include photos and strategic thinking questions or innovation prompts.


And just as we hope for all Fridays, future Creative Quickies will be fast, fun, and stimulating enough (via strategic thinking questions) to give you something to ponder and act upon when you return to the office the following week. Enjoy! - Mike Brown


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