Random inputs provide a great way to trigger creative thinking. But if you’re really stuck, coming up with rich random inputs may even be challenging. Arghhhhhh!

If you’re there, go to “Writer’s Window,” a website that generates random ideas to incorporate into stories, drawings, presentations or any other creative endeavor staring you in the face! Use the random idea provided, asking questions such as:

    • How does the random idea fit with my situation?


    • How is my situation like the random idea?


  • If my situation and the random idea collided with each other, what would happen?

The combinations created should get you going in an exciting, new creative direction!

SPECIAL NOTE -Starting at Noon on 1/22/2009, you can begin voting for your favorite "innovation" definition under 140 characters long, by clicking here. I submitted these 6 possibilities:

  • Innovation = Shattering the status quo into a million pieces that reform into something much better and more beneficial.
  • Innovation = ((thinking randomly + borrowing liberally) / implementing successfully) * persistence * time
  • Innovation = The ability of @Macker to create scads of "innovation" definitions.
  • Innovation = The magic of imagining, implementing, & improving upon what's been done before to benefit others.
  • Innovation = A fundamental, valuable improvement relative to the status quo.
  • Innovation = Taking NO, not for an answer, but for the inspiration to bring something beautifully new and wonderful to life.

Be sure to vote for one of mine, but only if you think it really deserves it!