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It is Ash Wednesday today, the start of Lent. This liturgical season marks a call to increased prayer and refraining from the distractions of day-to-day life. Over the past several years, it's become a tradition on Ash Wednesday to share a creativity prayer I wrote in 2008 for a presentation on creative inspiration.

If you're experiencing creative challenges, invest some of time today and in the next weeks asking for a potentially new creative inspiration source with this creativity prayer. My hope is that doing so will help you better conquer your creative challenges through enhancing your creativity and the creativity of those around you!


Thank you for creation itself and the incredible gifts and talents you so generously entrust to me. May I appreciate and develop these talents, always recognizing that they come from you and remain yours.

Guide me in using them for the benefit of everyone that I touch, so that they may be more aware of your creative presence and develop the creativity entrusted to them for the good of others.

Help me also to use your talents to bring a creative spark and new possibilities to your world, living out my call to be an integral part of your creative force. Amen.

Copyright 2008, Mike Brown