BelieveYou often hear people say that to create change, all you have to do is Believe.

It's true your commitment along with your ability to visualize and believe in the end result is powerful in creating change.

Depending on your situation, however, "Believe" can have a very different implication for the call to create change.

Believe can be:

  • Symbolic – To believe may represent a hope for an earlier time of reward, plenty, and success.
  • Superficial – We love one-word change-related slogans that do not tax our strategic thinking.
  • Overly Easy – If all you have to do is believe, it can make it seem there is not any hard work involved in creating change.
  • Misguided – There could be many naysayers overly invested in the status quo working hard to thwart your belief and attempts to create change.
  • Vital – Your belief may sustain you through the hard work of creating change when others become discouraged and falter.

Make sure you know why you are trying to create change and whether you simply need to ask people to believe or if you need them to do much more. - Mike Brown

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