Want to improve your likelihood of creating strategic impact next year through handily achieving your 2014 personal goals?

Did you answer, "Yes"?

If you did, here's a great way to make achieving your 2014 personal goals if not a sure thing, then at least a highly likely thing.

2014Here’s the answer: Cheating on the start of 2014.

You do that by launching the plans for your 2014 personal goals right now.


You still have most of December left. And since most people will wait until January 1 (or maybe January 2) to start working on 2014 personal goals, they’ll be piddling away the month of December, while you are on your way to creating strategic impact.

Call it your 13 in 14 plan. You’ll be cramming 13 months into 2014 with all the benefits that means for achieving your personal goals.

That extra 8 percent of time could mean ALL the difference in hitting whatever you want to hit for 2014.

So go ahead, forget about waiting for January 1, and launch your implementation for 2014 plans today.

And you know what?

Since you're “cheating” the start of 2014, others may react negatively to the unfair advantage you've decided to create for yourself. Because of that, it's quite alright to not tell anyone - at least anyone who will try to squash your initiative – that 2014 has already started.

Nobody has to know that when it comes to creating strategic impact, 2014 isn’t going to wait around for them to get around to getting started! Mike Brown


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