When things go wrong, how do you handle it?

Do you bemoan that things were not perfect? Do you become dejected? Do you dig in and try to quickly recover?

Or do you look at it as positive opportunity to learn, change, re-innovate, and grow?

Create Your Own Creative Inspiration Word for When Things Go Wrong

During an Idea Magnets workshop, we invited each participant to make up a positive-sounding word to say whenever something goes wrong. The idea is to address what may seem like a disaster with creative inspiration. Then we practiced saying their words LOUDLY  and BOLDLY!

When I put the question above to Facebook friends before the Idea Magnets workshop, two people from very different parts of my life quickly shared ideas. I went to high school with David Gabler; he suggested, "SMAILURE!" Dennis Smith is an amazing design thinking expert we met through a client engagement. Dennis developed, "FABTASTROPHE!" Those are two fantastic new words for an Idea Magnet's vocabulary.

My initial idea was, "BRAVANEESIMO!"

What word would you add to your Idea Magnets lexicon to head off negative feelings about things going wrong and encourage a bold, positive confirmation of the new opportunity to learn? – Mike Brown

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