Looking for a dramatic creativity boost when you're in the midst of editing a document for the umpteenth time? Try working from memory.

Instead of tweaking yet another iteration of what has become a too-familiar blur of words, force yourself to update parts of the document without consulting the most recent version you’ve been staring at for too long anyway.

Surprised a guy who loves the efficiency of working from pre-existing content would recommend working from memory? Don't be!

I had to work from memory recently while traveling, and the document I needed to update wasn't easily accessible. Much to my creative delight, because of all the time I’d spent with the original content, working from memory to recreate several strategic concepts spurred a fresh creative approach. The better results were much better (in hardly more time) than if I had tweaked the latest version in a fairly incremental fashion.

It's the holidays. It's the time for great holiday memories. So try putting your memory to work this holiday season and see what type of new creativity boost you'll receive as a gift!  – Mike Brown

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