Today's post is simply silly. Even sillier than anything we've ever done before.

If you want serious, come back tomorrow.

Last night, as the close to the first day of Content Marketing World, there was a fun party at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica.


I wasn't exactly sure if Nautica was the aquarium, a marina, or simply the orange clothing sponsor of Content Marketing World. Nevertheless, it was several hundred attendees at Content Marketing World noshing from local Cleveland food trucks, drinking adult beverages (the Smurf vodka-based drink was especially good), and enjoying a Beatles tribute band.


Speaking of Beatles tribute bands, here are the top ten things to enjoy and watch for whenever you see a Beatles tribute band (I warned you this was a silly post):

  1. The age range of the people drawn to a Beatles tribute band is remarkable. There were young women in their twenties who knew the lyrics to every song.
  2. For as long as I was there, this group never really moved beyond the first few years of The Beatles. And that was perfectly okay, except I'd hoped they'd do "Long Tall Sally." And "Kansas City" would have been a nice touch.
  3. The quote of the night came from Elton Mayfield of ER Marketing: "If the Paul isn't left handed (in a Beatles tribute band), you just have a guy in a costume."
  4. Ringo didn't sing a lot of songs, but at least the early songs Ringo sang were pretty rocking.
  5. Elton Mayfield saw Paul McCartney in Kansas City earlier this year and reported Paul is 72. I think the Paul in the Beatles tribute band with the young looking wig was close to 72 as well.
  6. I'm one (two at the most) degrees of separation away from the real Paul McCartney. It hasn't translated into any business or personal benefits, however.
  7. This particular Beatles tribute band has been on tour for 31 years. I'm hard pressed to think of any other example of replacement parts lasting more than three times the original.
  8. You can't go wrong with donuts covered in powdered sugar, even if they weren't hot. Definitely, you should always go for the powdered sugar donuts. (Not technically about The Beatles cover band, but it was an important part of the evening.)
  9. When a Beatles tribute band play a George song, that's when everyone goes to the bathroom.
  10. I can sway to a Beatles song, but that’s about it. I definitely can’t dance, even to The Beatles, but if someone asks me, I’ll try.

And that’s the dispatch from the first evening of Content Marketing World! – Mike Brown

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