Doctors are trained in asking questions, making observations, and using tests to identify possible infirmities that patients are suffering. Their techniques can be adapted within the Change Your Character exercise to help find new ways to diagnose business issues also. Doctors' approaches that can be used for your brainstorming include:

  • Figuring out who / how services will be paid for
  • Having you fill out paperwork on yourself
  • Asking how you’ve been feeling
  • Having someone do a quick vitals check before seeing you
  • Checking vital signs
  • Reviewing your previous treatment history
  • Following a standard diagnostic procedure
  • Prescribing a treatment
  • Referring you to a specialist
  • Scheduling a follow-up appointment

Remember, strive to identify three potential ways that each of bulleted points above can be generalized to address & resolve your situation. It's easier than taking two (make that three) aspirins and calling me in the morning.

Check out a compilation of "Change Your Character" creative thinking exercises and information on its use.  – Mike Brown


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