Lazy-guySuppose you used to care about what you do for a living. It was your passion. It sustained and propelled you forward. It led to career success.

But for whatever reason (too much of the same thing, too much frustration, too few rewards, etc.), you now don’t care about what you do anymore.

What do you do?

7 Career Success Ideas If You Don't Care About What You Do Anymore

Here are seven ideas to focus on career success in new ways:

  1. Find a part of what you do you can care about.
  2. Turn what you do into a game or competition (even if it's only with yourself), and care about trying to win it.
  3. Create an adventure out of what you do and go out of your way to introduce surprise into what's mundane.
  4. Label what you do as blatantly absurd, and get your kicks from reveling in how bizarre it is.
  5. Make it about survival and conquering whatever challenges you can concoct to stay professionally alive.
  6. Focus on your comfort and take advantage of something that is very easy in the job; put that part on autopilot and concentrate on growing in all new areas.
  7. Make it about denial, and simply tell yourself it's more motivating and exciting than you're able to realize right now.

When you can’t change what you do in the short term, one of these ideas can be what you need to care enough to rekindle your excitement – even if it’s excitement in a very different light. Mike Brown


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