Humility was the primary theme of the readings at church on Sunday – whether it was the greater need to strive for humility if the world thinks you are great or choosing to take the lowest place in a group so you aren’t asked to remove yourself should someone greater come along and deserve your place.

Our new pastor, Fr. Pete O’Sullivan used the theme to tell a story of once being part of a small group meeting where the warm-up exercise included the question, “I am the world’s greatest _______________.”

Fr. Pete’s reaction was, “If I were the world’s greatest at anything, don’t you think somebody would have noticed by now?”

Brand Strategy and Humility

worlds-greatest-guruIf you’re one of the people or brands, especially on social networks, claiming something akin to “world’s greatest” status, remember this: you can say anything you want about yourself, but the minute you have to perform, there are people who will notice how you do and can instantly refute or corroborate whether you are the world’s greatest.

And even before that moment, there is probably ample evidence available to suggest whether your “world’s greatest” claims are likely to be true or not.

When it comes to making claims and subsequently performing, it’s a far smarter brand strategy to over-invest in the performing part vs. the claiming part.

Far better for someone else to notice you’re the world’s greatest than for you to be the lone voice claiming you are. - Mike Brown


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