With all the hoarding-oriented reality TV shows, being a creative pack rat probably takes on some bad connotations. But being a creative pack rat serves you well when you're trying to break through a creative block, and you need a dependable creative thinking boost to get you Brainzooming!

Here's how to become a creative pack rat!

Start a new file with a prominent place in your filing system and call it “Creative Instigators.” Your creative thinking stash can be a physical file, an online folder, or simply bookmarks in your web browser, among other places. Heck, your creative instigators stash could be even be on Pinterest! (No, in case you check the original date on this post, I didn't time travel. I'm just trying to freshen up creativity content on the Brainzooming blog!)

Use your creative instigators stash to save pictures, articles, thoughts, ideas, quotes, thank you notes, cartoons, ads, Brainzooming posts (I couldn’t resist), and anything else that stimulates ideas for you.
When you’re suffering a creative block, pull out this file and take a stroll through its contents to kick start your creative thinking! –  Mike Brown 

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