This video would typically be a Friday Brainzooming post, but it seemed Monday was ripe for a little more fun this week! Plus it's been too long since we did a "Be Creative Like a Kid" post, and it just couldn't wait another day.

Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke, Jimmy Fallon and Grade School Instruments

My wife introduced me to Robin Thicke's absolutely infectious song, "Blurred Lines" some time back, and we saw him perform a live version on the Graham Norton show the very night he performed this version with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

Jimmy Fallon has done a number of comparable versions of popular songs where he and The Roots provide backup for ultra-popular songs on instruments from a grade school music classroom. Similar to the 1980s group Pianosaurus, using kids' musical instruments immediately adds another layer of fun to a song, as it does here with Blurred Lines. And given the unrated version of the Blurred Lines video, this rendition makes it a little more family friendly, although you may still have to watch the lyrics.

Be Creative Like a Kid Today

There's always potential to be creative like a kid when you change a creative work through:

  • Creating it with new tools
  • Altering who performs the creative work
  • Injecting humor and a sense of experimentation

And based on the number of times I've watched this Blurred Lines video - to contribute to the millions of viewings in its few days of release - the be musical and creative like a kid formula is working incredibly well here with this creative work.

Enjoy the video and take a fun creative break to start or end your day . . . or even to provide a much-needed break in the midst of your very adult work world. Heck, maybe today is the day to take some crayons to a meeting and draw out some new, big possibilities! – Mike Brown

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