Last Tuesday I not only attended author Jamie Turner's presentation on "How to Make Money with Social Media," at the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association lunch, I also had the opportunity to spend some time with Jamie beforehand talking about business strategy, his new book, and his work on the 60 Second Marketer.

Jamie and I were introduced several years ago by mutual friend/business partner Barb Murphy with the statement, "You two are so similar. You have to meet each other." While I think Jamie's funnier than I am, there are a number of striking similarities in our lives and careers.

One topic Jamie talked about in his presentation was the coming social media crash of 2011. Extrapolating from work by Gartner into the typical new technology Hype Cycle, Jamie isn't predicting the end of social media. Rather he's suggesting a shakeout, with those who are measuring social media performance continuing to reap the benefits of social media's integration into their business strategies.

Here's a brief video interview Jamie was nice enough to record after his session.

Trust me: if Jamie Turner comes to your town in support of "How to Make Money with Social Media," be sure to get out and see him speak! – Mike Brown

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