If people thought their faces would freeze in the position they're in at that moment, would they ever make some of the faces they make walking down an airport concourse?

It's really hard to remember Midway Airport and how it used to be configured when it seemed like that one hot dog stand was the ONLY place to eat.

I'm not proud of the fact people I used to work with didn't like to travel with me because I walk too fast in airports. I did appreciate that they did like to travel with me because I always had a back-up plan (or would put one together quickly) when something didn't go right.

So much information about learning suggests we learn better when we actually practice or do something, rather than just listening to how to do it. If that's the case, don't you think they should let airplane passengers practice pulling on the oxygen mask? I'm liable to pull too hard and yank that little plastic tube right out, if and when I'd ever have to use it.

After the Southwest plane skidded off a runway at Midway a few years ago, the flight attendant didn't appreciate it when I told her in the event of a landing like that, I'd take responsibility and direct traffic.

Surprisingly, not everyone wants to sit in the exit row when it's open seating. At least not the first 62 passengers! – Mike Brown

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