What's your strategy for starting meetings?

Here's an innovative variation on the standard strategy of starting a meeting by re-stating an objective to ensure everyone present understands why they NEED to be present. One of our clients shared that their company expects each meeting to begin with a statement of what the meeting will mean for customers.

Especially in larger companies where it's easy for staff members to go for extended periods without ever seeing a customer, this is an important strategic way to bring the customer into every group discussion.

While our client didn't mention the practice, a valuable closing strategy for meetings would include a check at the end about the customer implications (and especially benefits for customers) resulting from the meeting and the collective time invested in the meeting by the participants.

What do you think about this meeting strategy? Do you do this or a similar strategy at your company? If not, do you use other mandatory meeting starters to keep the conversations focused and on strategy? Please share your thoughts in the comments. – Mike Brown

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