I don't try to make my faith a secret in Brainzooming articles. Returning to an active faith life in 1998 after a decade away was a pivotal moment that changed my life dramatically. Returning to entrepreneurship with Brainzooming has played a major part in strengthening my faith. From the very first days of Brainzooming, God made it abundantly clear that He was in charge of things, and that if I wanted to eliminate worry (or at least worry less) about our business prospects and what the future might hold, I needed to realize that I wasn't in charge.

Now, with unimaginable (even just a few days ago) changes in our daily living due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the future seems overwhelmingly uncertain. All of us at Brainzooming are facing that, touching our business, personal, and spiritual lives in every dimension.

On Tuesday, after attending the last daily mass I'll be able to go to for who knows how long, I was reflecting on the Bible readings for the day. I was thinking about what they meant for me (and all of us) right now. As I sat and prayed, the last thing I wanted to do was to leave church and face the day with its uncertainty. How much better it seemed to sit quietly and avoid everything that was ahead.

Prayer reflection in uncertain times

During Lent, I've been writing a prayer reflection after mass to help deepen my prayer life and to return to a project that I started and dropped years ago to create a daily reflection journal. With all the personal apprehensions and fears weighing on me right then, God gave me the prayer below. I published it on Facebook, and it generated more interactions than maybe anything I've ever shared there before. Since it seemed to help people deal with yesterday, here it is for all our readers.

If you're a person of faith, I hope that this prayer reflection is a help to you in dealing with the days ahead. If you're not a person of faith, I hope that you might find even a small bit of consolation and comfort in imagining there could be a bigger force at work among us that we can't see. I embedded the original Facebook post here so that if you feel compelled, you can share a comment, a hope, or a thought on how you are coping with the days ahead.

Know that throughout these days, we're at work here at Brainzooming, staying focused on developing new ways to help you succeed in these uncertain times, as we have always tried to do, whether you are a client, regular reader, or simply happened to arrive here because of Google.

Stay well, and help each other! –  Mike Brown