A really easy Thursday read. Here are eight potential career challenges, along with tips for:

1. Creating memorable brand experiences (personal or organizational): Meet consumer interests with emotional intensity & just enough mention of your brand so they know who made it happen.

2. Shooting better informal videos: When you are using one Flip or phone camera to shoot video of a speaker, don't go for b-roll. You're not making an epic. Just video the speaker & don't shake.

3. Being effective online: Work on being pleasant, professional, and engaging at offline behaviors.

4. Achieving notoriety: Never claim to be an expert. Let OTHERS decide when they label you an expert.

5. Being well spoken: Write your own heartfelt words, even if they aren't as eloquent as you like. Share those instead of pithy quotes.

6. Moderating a meeting: Ask the questions already on the audience members' minds.

7. Protecting your data: Really back it up routinely. Having versions of files on multiple USB drives in a very random fashion isn't a data recovery plan.

8. Growing your personal value: When asked to share your intellectual capital free of charge because there are many business opportunities with a particular audience, ask what percent of audience members bought from previous speakers. - Mike Brown

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