In companies that approach strategic planning in traditional ways, there is always a lot riding (individually and organizationally) on big group strategy meetings that only happen once or twice a year. That means that participants, and even leaders, can spend more time trying to avoid awkward moments than engaging in strategic thinking about ways to navigate the market successfully. That's where these seven tips for strategic planning success are a huge help. These will help you navigate your way through big strategy meetings with greater success in productivity and effectiveness.

7 Tips for Strategic Planning Success

Strategic Planning Tips

1. Let strategic planning happen anywhere that works

Strategy planning doesn't only happen in big meetings. Take advantage of all the time before and after a large group strategy meeting to make positive things happen.

2. Adapt your planning approach to the participants

The dinner table meeting rules, via my most important strategic mentor, always work when figuring out whether you are trying to hash out new strategies or need to all align behind the direction that's already gained support.

3. Actively facilitate strategy planning so it's productive

If there isn't a facilitator in your strategy planning meeting, prepare to step up yourself and provide order and flow within the meeting. Or, if it isn't you, who is the next best person to step up and facilitate? Nudge them to facilitate and spare everyone tons of awkward moments.

4. Encourage new participants to play an active role

If someone is new to the strategic planning group, that individual can either sit back and see what's going to happen OR dive in and offer all the new and fresh ideas they can. Encourage anyone who is new to find the right combination of those two options.

5. Push for innovative thinking

Bold, innovative thinking and ideas are the lifeblood of great strategy. If you're struggling to personally come up with bold, innovative ideas, then at least share ideas that aren't bland. That's a positive start.

6. Carefully challenge leaders misreading strategic issues

The boss isn't always right, no matter what the boss thinks. Careful, though: only a few bosses are okay with you pointing that out in a big meeting.

7. Let the senior person close strategy planning meetings

Always let the most senior person have the last word. After she or he speaks, don't try to insert what you think didn't get said, even if you think it's good and / or important.

Want to make strategic planning fun? It's possible!

This is just a sampling of our tips for strategic planning success. If you want more, you can go here, and here, and even here.

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