A creative block can happen when you're handed a project or report and asked to work within a structure someone else has designed. Often when you haven't helped create the project structure, it can lead to spending more time trying to figure out the format than making progress toward the effort's objective, making it seem like a creative block.

When you find yourself facing a creative block in this type of situation, remember:

  • Don't let arbitrary structures stop you from doing what makes sense.
  • Don't let thinking you can't get everything done stop you from doing something.
  • Don't let a poorly conceived format stand in the way of you (or others) being able to see the progress you're making.
  • Don't let a situation spiral into over-complication when stopping and beginning anew would be much simpler.
  • Don't let overly aggressive expectations preclude you from negotiating for a humbler objective which delivers a disproportionately large impact.

If you can employ these admonitions, you'll minimize the possibility of a creative block, save yourself huge frustrations and create much better results. - Mike Brown

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