Here are a few strategic thinking snippets on implementation. Yes, thinking does need to turn into actions and results:

  • On things that don't really matter, it's okay to conserve your effort & take the easy way out.
  • On something that DOES matter, do it when you're ready to do it well. Don't just fit it in when you'll do it half-way (or worse).
  • When others are timid and worried about what the right next step is, decide to BE BOLD!
  • Attitude Check Question: Are you looking for and sharing good news with those around you? Please!
  • Embrace the power of symbolism in communication. Not everything has to be literal.
  • Don't ever let an opportunity slip away through failing to go back & ask for it one more time.
  • Keep ideas with great potential around even if you don't use them now. They may be ideally suited for a future situation. - Mike Brown