It's pretty common to receive some of the most intriguing comments on our content via email from our growing group of email subscribers (you can click here to join the group, by the way). Jim from Massachusetts weighed in following John Q. Harrington's post on digital marketing with a request for John to back up one of his claims in the post. As a result, John addressed Jim's request with his Top 20 list of digital marketing tools. Here's John:


20 Great Digital Marketing Tools Once You Have a Strategy by John Harrington

Digital-Marketing-TabsIn a post about what digital marketers could learn from the Wizard of Oz , I got on my soapbox and urged marketers not to be dazzled by the dizzying array of digital marketing tools available and lose sight of the fact they are just tools - not a replacement for a big idea or a strategy.

In my post, I said there were 100+ digital marketing tools with more being added every day.  A sharp-eyed-reader from Massachusetts, named Jim, was more than a little dubious about my ‘100+ digital marketing tools’ claim.  In fact, he said he’d be happy if I could come up with a list of 20 with a brief explanation of why they’re good.

Well Jim… you got me!

I have to admit; I didn’t count the number of digital marketing tools before I made that statement.  There sure seems like there are an awful lot of them, but maybe I was a little fast and loose with my numbers.

So I went to my #1 Digital Marketing Tool “GOOGLE” and did a search.  I got 161 million results, so I’m relatively confident the truth lies somewhere north of 100 digital marketing tools.

Jim, I don’t claim to be a digital marketing guru, but I do use many of those tools frequently. Here are 20 of my favorites along with my own biased reasons for liking them.

#1 Google Search

Because they rule the universe and we’ll all be working for them eventually.  Points off for making me learn what an algorithm is and how to spell it.

#2 Facebook

Because they are the number one source of cute cat photos in the world and a pretty good way to reach half the planet. Bonus points for having a geeky founder who’s like a smart ass version of Bill Gates.

#3 LinkedIn

Great for targeting B2B groups and individuals.  Plus they have the highest income level of any major social media group so maybe they won’t miss it if I trick them out of some of their money.

#4 YouTube

They took all the great cat photos from Facebook and made them move!  Plus, they are owned by Lord Google so they put your search results on crack.

#5 Twitter

This is the fastest, most efficient way for me to learn what all my friends had for lunch.  Plus its trending topics and search results let me know instantly if an angry mob is buying torches and heading for my front door.

#6 Vimeo

The younger, prettier, sexier version of YouTube without all the evil backing and power of Lord Google.  Selling epic beauty? Use Vimeo.  Selling hand sanitizer? Use YouTube.

#7 Bing

Probably the coolest thing Microsoft has ever done.  Truly a better search engine than Google, but hey, I’m not going to mess with Lord Google, are you?

#8 Pinterest

A visual explosion of gorgeous arts, crafts, and meals that none of us are talented enough to duplicate, but we can still dream.

#9 Vine

A true tribute to the shortening of attention spans. 6 seconds of pure entertainment because those hideous, old 30 second commercials are sooooooooo tedious.

#10 Google Plus

Probably the social networking site I like the least.  Circles of friends are a little too Kum Bah Yah for me. But, hey, you know how I feel about messing with Lord Google.

#11 Tumblr

A blogging platform that lets you share all different types of content.  Kind of like if YouTube, Pintrest and WordPress had a baby.  Points off for spelling their name without an “e.”

#12 Flickr

A great collection of photography some of which you can actually use LEGALLY!  What a concept!  Points off for dropping the “e” out of their name.  Hey, I warned you with Tumblr.

#13 Google Ads

I haven’t mentioned Lord Google in awhile and this is something near and dear to his heart.  It’s where he makes his gazillions of dollars each year.  Pay a flat rate or pay per click.  Lord Google doesn’t care as long as you pay to access his millions of minions.

#14 Tweetdeck

For all its search power and zillions of followers, Twitter is still pretty clunky to use.  Tweetdeck makes it much more user friendly to manage and semi-automate multiple Twitter accounts.  BUT Twitter bought Tweetdeck so who knows how long before they screw it up.

#15 Hootsuite

A different flavor of Tweetdeck.  Not sure it’s any better or any worse.  BUT it has the advantage of NOT being owned by Twitter so I may have to make a switch if Twitter keeps “helping” Tweetdeck.


A great little company that shortens those ridiculously long URLs into something useable and Tweetable. Also pretty good at analytics for all you number crunchers out there.


Pretty much the same thing as, but I think it’s a little easier to use.  Plus, if you’re posting on Hootsuite, you gotta go with, right?

#18 Foursquare

A fun geo-location social media tool that lets you post where you are, what you’re doing and leave tips about the place you visited.  Also let’s you know if any of your hottie friends are in the vicinity so you can be a more efficient stalker.

#19 Slideshare

For all of you who just can’t get enough PowerPoint presentations at work, this is for you.  Pretty easy to use and Lord Google seems to like it… this week.

#20 Email

Maybe you’ve heard of it!  I know it’s old school but this crap really works.  Especially nice if you team up with Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or ExactTarget.

What about the rest of the great digital marketing tools?

Jim, I know I haven’t hit 100+ tools yet, but go to Google Search and feel free to explore the 160,000,980 other tools I haven’t covered. All the best,  Q


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