I think frequent readers know this. New Brainzooming readers might not know it. Come to think of it, maybe even you regular readers don’t have a full appreciation for this important point: We use the business strategy resources we share with you in OUR OWN business and with our own clients.

One thing that got me thinking about this was a Chris Brogan webinar I bought last night. During the webinar, he said that people download free eBooks but never read or use them because they are free. He challenged everyone to think about all the eBooks we download that we never use.

I’m sure we’re all guilty.

Here’s the thing when it comes to the business strategy resources we create for you – whether directly on the website or via download. We create all these tools as outgrowths of our work or as we develop strategic planning or innovation strategy work that we’re about to do for a client.

Either way, you have the opportunity – for free – to take advantage of proven (or soon-to-be-proven) business strategy resources to improve your organization’s performance in real ways.

2 Business Strategy Resources to Implement Now!

The other thing that got me thinking about this point? A client call earlier yesterday afternoon.

The call was our regular Tuesday afternoon check-in on progress with the strategic planning and internal customer experience engagement we’ve been developing with them. As we near implementing the first strategies in a multi-decade roadmap, we discussed what a kickoff workshop would look like as we launch new teams to get started.

What did I do to quickly prepare our recommendation?

By now, you’ve guessed it: I used two of our eBooks. I copied and pasted screen images of activities and questions the teams would answer to get started. In minutes, we had a tangible recommendation for how to prepare these teams for implementation success. Time saved, client able to easily visualize the workshops, and buy-in secured to keep moving. Boom!

Since lots of you are implementing your strategic plans and new initiatives right now, these two eBooks are for you:

Grab these two eBooks TODAY if you are responsible for implementing successfully and delivering results.

Download Fast Forward Today!

Download 10 Questions for Successfully Launching

Then, MOST IMPORTANTLY, put them to use. Save yourself time and pave the way for implementation success.

And yes, they’re both free (for now), so knock yourselves out! – Mike Brown