These (para)quotes on innovation, digital marketing, and life were the most memorable ones I took away from Inbound15.


  • "Commit to a highly experimental process. Don't just follow best practices. Experiment to learn." - Anum Hussain of Hubspot
  • "I don't know what the question is, but the answer is, 'Yes!'" - Leonard Bernstein (via Seth Godin)
  • "The only guarantee in living a brave life is you WILL get your ass kicked. If you innovate, you WILL fall down." - Brené Brown
  • "Bob Dylan wasn't The Beatles. He reinvents himself every seven years and gets booed off the stage." - Seth Godin
  • "Every great writer starts with an SFD - shitty first draft." - Brené Brown


Digital Marketing

  • "SEO (search engine optimization) is anything you can do to influence your score. That involves solving for SEO AND improving the user experience." - Bill King and Tyler Richer of Hubspot
  • "Great content is topically focused. If you are writing about a topic, other related words should show up as well. It's about the main topic and all the supporting 'cast members.'" - Bill King and Tyler Richer of Hubspot
  • "For Slideshare, come up with an AMAZING cover slide." - Arpit Dhariwal and Taylor Greason of LinkedIn SlideShare
  • "Don't say 'Free' in the email subject line. Please. Ever." - Tom Monaghan of Hubspot
  • "With the abundance of similar content, it makes you think when you see something new, 'I think I've forgotten this before.'" - Dr. Carmen Simon
  • "If your brand sucks offline, you'll suck more online." - Jill Rowley, Social Selling


  • "Nine a.m. is VERY early for an Aziz event." - Aziz Ansari
  • "Can we start by acknowledging that golf is a really bad spectator sport. Nothing good ever happens, and when it does, you have to clap in such a wimpy way." - Seth Godin
  • "If people know their problems, they don't need sales. Salespeople should identify latent and hidden problems; they need to anticipate problems." - Daniel Pink
  • "Once you give the brain a reward, it habituates and wants a newer, bigger reward." - Dr. Carmen Simon
  • "We are all we have today." - Brené Brown
  • "Sarcasm . . . it's not just for relationships anymore." - Tim Washer

Mike Brown

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