I presented a solo social media presentation at the February 2016 Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas. For folks in and around (or willing to head to) Chicago, I’ll be presenting a workshop on creating fantastic content at the April 2016 Social Media Strategies Summit in the Windy City.


These events are always treasure troves of great learning and networking with such varied and smart marketers from around the country. Coming out of the Las Vegas event, I have several articles in queue.

14 Top Content Marketing Quotes from the Social Media Strategies Summit

Here is the first of the articles from the Social Media Strategies Summit, with fourteen quotes on content marketing, social media platforms, and standing out from the event’s great speakers.

Content Marketing and Community Engagement

“Credibility silences noise.” @BevJack MGM

“We time lapse everything around here because things are always moving.” @BevJack MGM

"Many brands miss the opportunity to create stories around the role they play in their users' lives." @mdeziel

“In the end, storytelling comes down to two things: connection and engagement.” - Ryan Mathews as shared by @RMMAGEDDON

"There are B2B opportunities in viral video because so few B2B companies have tried to do it." @JereMarketer

Being Distinctive with Content Marketing

“A good piece of content shouldn’t need music. The visual scroll should be enough to get people to stop. “ @BevJack MGM

"There is a lot of crap and average people out there on social media. It's much harder to stand out when everyone can start doing things and claim to be an expert." @PhilPallen

Making the Most of Social Platforms

"You should be able to perform at a B+ or better level on any platform or kill your time spent on it." @JereMarketer

“It’s two thousand sixteen; I don’t want to see pixels or eggs (on Twitter).” @PhilPallen

“Pinterest is a catalog of ideas” not a social network. "If Facebook is selling the past & Twitter the present, Pinterest is offering the future” @ChristineCassis @Pinterest

"The Bellagio Fountains are the nineteenth most Instagrammed place in the world." @BevJack


“Rather than be mediocre on 10 social platforms, be a rock star on 3.” @PhilPallen

Let Me Tell You about Myself

“I like to go on tangents. And I f’n like to curse a lot.” @RMMAGEDDON

“I’m opinionated, but I’m honest and I’m sweet.” @PhilPallen

Mike Brown

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