Most of the US has been pounded with cold and snow the past few weeks. Don’t know about you, but it makes me feel my creative spirit is at a dead end when things outside are cold, bleak, and dark.

So what to do to turn a creative “dead end” into a “live start”?

Here are the ideas I wrote down for myself the other day to break out of my creative doldrums:

  • Be around fun people
  • Spend some fun time with my wife
  • Nap without worrying about losing valuable time
  • Go someplace bright and warm
  • Go someplace dark and warm
  • Finish something (realizing that, unfortunately, blogs aren’t ever done unless you quit them)
  • Find someone who loves something I created
  • Seek out people who have good news to share
  • Appreciate what I have
  • Get worn out from working out and quit eating holiday treats
  • Make a cool handwritten font

That’s what I’ve been trying. Please add your ideas to the list too! – Mike Brown

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