I’ve had several coaching conversations about career challenges with multiple individuals who thought their jobs might be in danger.

One theme through all of them was how to really figure out your career situation if you suspect your job is in danger. Sometimes it's obvious you're on the bubble. Some people seem to always miss the obvious, however, especially when the obvious is about them.


11 Questions to Ask If You Think Your Job Is In Danger

Those coaching conversations led to this list of eleven questions about an individual's organizational impact. If you suspect your job is in danger (or even if you don’t), honestly ask yourself these questions. They range across a variety of ways individuals can make an organizational impact through the value they deliver

If I weren’t here, would the organization . . .

  1. Lose any customers?
  2. See a revenue decline?
  3. Be less profitable (or financially successful)?
  4. Be a less compelling investment?
  5. Suffer a negative impact in reputation?
  6. Lose out on an incredible brand ambassador?
  7. Suffer from a major loss of intellectual capital?
  8. Become less efficient?
  9. Experience a major loss in quality or effectiveness?
  10. Be asked why I was no longer there?
  11. Notice the difference two months after I’ve left?

This list of organizational impact questions is not tested, and it’s not necessarily comprehensive.

But if you can’t find at least one or two undisputable “Yes” answers amid the list (and “maybe” or “a little” aren’t “yes”), you are simply a cog in your organization – and a pretty expendable and easily replaced one at that.

What to do next to improve your career success?

Your inability to answer any of these career success questions affirmatively means it’s past time to decide how you’re going to change your career situation where you are. Alternatively, it’s time to find a new place where you can develop and play a critical role.

And if you do neither, you're just living on borrowed time, which is no way to live your career. - Mike Brown

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