It's a fantastic time to revisit and explore strategic options in front of you both personally and professionally. Here is a 10-item checklist for thinking and action to help guide your efforts.

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10 Strategic Options for Thinking and Action to Explore this Week

1. You are allowed to define yourself. Make sure not to pick all your weaknesses and try to force them into your self- definition.

2.You can accomplish nearly any strategic options you enjoy. Just explore strategic options when it's time to explore strategic options and make decisions when it's time to decide.

3. It's a bad strategy to stick with what you've done until something goes tragically wrong. "Been there, done that" is boring.

4. Possibilities are fantastic, but ultimately, they aren't realities. You have to cultivate both of them.

5. Those who obsess on history are doomed to miss the future.

6. A practice you thought was good in a previous difficult business situation could have really been the best of many bad practices.

7. There are so many situations where when you think you're not ready to start, it's exactly the time you should be starting.

8. Some "good" strategic options take WAY TOO MUCH TIME to make happen.

9. The longer you put off pursuing a goal, the more it can grow to seem like an insurmountable challenge. Find the right time & force yourself to get started.

10. Every person's path is going to be different. Compare your path to others’ paths a little, but ignore the paths others are on a lot. - Mike Brown


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