Most clients we’re talking with are deep into launching new programs. Those are exciting times, but they can also be daunting. There’s a certain level of risk in launching new programs, especially if you don’t have a standard way of starting with the same questions and steps.

10 Project Planning Questions for Launching New Programs

When launching new programs, you have (in all likelihood) the best opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s been envisioned. Exploring the right project planning questions from the start allows you to see what flexibility exists to modify initial planning.

10 Project Planning Questions for Launching New Programs

If you are on the hook for launching new programs this year, here are the types of project planning questions we recommend asking right now to make sure your implementation team starts down the best, most successful path.

  1. What is the business strategy behind launching this new program?
  2. Are certain reasons for launching this new program more important than others?
  3. How do the reasons for launching it translate to specific goals and objectives?
  4. Is everyone aware of this initiative that needs to know about it . . . for their support, for optimum coordination, and for successful transition ultimately into implementation?
  5. If everyone is not aware of the initiative, what other parties need to be involved?
  6. What opportunities exist to modify the initiative if it makes smart, strategic sense to do so?
  7. What factors are most important in leading to successful implementation?
  8. What should we be watching out for during implementation that will signal either positives or negatives for success?
  9. What implementation steps are set, and which are still open to change?
  10. How much leeway is built into the implementation schedule?

Across these ten project planning questions, you will create opportunities to modify goals, participation, tactics, and timing. These questions help you get off to a fast AND smart start that will pay dividends whenever you are launching initiatives.

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