Preparing for a three-day, in-person client strategy planning workshop, I imagined strategic thinking questions we’d use based on the original agenda’s strategic topics. The focus and agenda morphed several times, though. The direction changes impacted our opportunity to use the questions as originally envisioned.

We never want to let a newish list of strategic thinking questions languish unused. That’s why I want to share them with you AND make sure they live here with all of our other strategic thinking question archives. That makes them easy to return to later.

10 Newish Strategic Thinking Questions

10 newish strategic thinking questions

  1. What’s an internal STRENGTH that we can turn into a new revenue stream?
  2. What’s a WEAKNESS that we fret about even though we can’t do much about it?
  3. What OPPORTUNITY are executives and employees curious to learn more about and consider pursuing?
  4. What are innovative ideas to address a big THREAT to the organization’s success?
  5. What is something that’s going very well now that poses a significant risk if it hiccups?
  6. What’s an opportunity with big potential upside that we think needs to be addressed?
  7. If we were starting our organization over, where would we make our biggest investment?
  8. What non-price area could we address to best delight customers?
  9. What’s the easiest cost area of meaningful size in the organization that we have potential to address?
  10. What are we still doing that doesn’t provide nearly the value / impact it used to before the pandemic?

Do you see anything on this list to spur new perspectives and discussion for your team? If you do, steal these questions! Let me know how they work for you.

Make Sure that Strategic Planning Is Fun

In case you missed it last week, Brainzooming has released an updated edition to one of our strategy staples: The 11 Best & Updated Fun Strategy Planning Ideas.

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Get your copy of The 11 Best & Updated Fun Strategy Planning Ideas to boost the fun and innovation in your next round of strategy planning! – Mike Brown

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