Is your organization struggling to deliver on the innovation expectations you have for it?

From our experience at The Brainzooming Group and ongoing research, there are ten common innovation barriers blocking new idea and implementation across organizations. Only a couple of these barriers existing in a culture can block even modest expectations for implementing new ideas.

There is good news, however: none of the innovation barriers is insurmountable.

Understanding which challenges you’re facing is vital. That insight drives the smart change management steps needed to navigate each innovation challenge.

10 Innovation Barriers Lurking in Your Organization

We group innovation barriers based on their ties to strategy, process, and people issues.


Strategy Barriers

  • Lacking an overarching direction
  • Loving the status quo too much
  • Managing with an exclusively short-term focus
  • Using ineffective metrics

Process Barriers

  • Ignoring the need for a structured process
  • Struggling with core capabilities
  • Lacking sufficient resources
  • Operating with a history of unsuccessful innovation implementation

People Barriers

  • Failing to recognize innovative talent
  • Not motivating the team to take risks and innovate

Tackling Innovation Barriers

We use a diagnostic with senior leadership teams that ties to the ten innovation barriers.


The first step in the brief strategic thinking exercise has individual leaders assess the presence of the organization’s roadblocks. After leadership team members complete individual assessments,  we collect and analyze the responses as input for a strategic conversation among senior leaders. In that conversation, we:

  • Acknowledge areas of agreement on the presence or absence of specific barriers
  • Discuss reasons where there are different perceptions on innovation barriers
  • Identify, based on the overall scores, whether significant barriers are tied to strategy, process, or people issues

Is Your Organization Struggling with Innovation?

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