10 ideas for thinking and action to explore this week.
Are there a couple of these ideas you need to address for your own well being?
  • For this week, don't focus on whatever anyone else does or thinks. Instead of "best practices," focus on "your practices."
  • Push yourself to restructure how you have always approached something. By doing this, you will find newness!
  • A break from normalcy and the routine can be so refreshing. What is yours going to be this week?
  • You always want to have some possibilities. Without them, things can be dismal. Find or redefine your possibilities.
  • Through online access and incredible tools, it is possible to see nearly anything today. The downside? There is now so much we see we can't believe.
  • Putting "re," "de," or "un" before a bad action someone is trying to turn into an apparently safe, generic term does not make it good OR safe.
  • The things that frustrate you may be exactly what you were intended to receive in life to overcome your frustrations.
  • Not all beliefs contrary to yours are part of some imagined epic struggle the universe has designed to define your identity. Get over it.
  • It is always “intriguing” when you think you've made progress on something, but God sends you multiple messages you need more work - much more.
  • Some people can't put on a big enough smile to mask the pain in their eyes. – Mike Brown


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