If you’re in the middle of a long work week, how about trying some corporate fun ideas? Here are ten oddball ideas to liven up ANY long work week. And yes, I did some version of all of these ten corporate fun ideas. And still kept my job. Amazing.

10 Corporate Fun Ideas for a Long Work Week

10. Volunteer to dress up as the corporate mascot. Demand that your identity not be revealed. When people ask you who you are, do imitations and claim to be various corporate officers. Walk into the CEOs office & put your feet on his desk.

9. Introduce a unique made-up, but plausible, jargon word (i.e., a jargonym) in meetings. See how long it takes for others to start using it.

8. Next time you have to create a PowerPoint slide for someone else, make the first letters of the bullets on slide spell out a dirty word.

7. If you have a deadbeat employee working for you, get them promoted & transferred to your nemesis. The deadbeat employee will be even more wrongly self-satisfied, plus you get rid of them. That’s called a win-win.

6. Create an anonymous Twitter profile and start making fun of co-workers with impunity!

5. Make up some faux Successories posters and put them into presentations. And around your office. Here’s where to get started making them.

4. Paint your toe nails the official corporate color (only classifies as corporate fun if you’re a guy, btw).

3. Volunteer to do the wrap-up for a week-long sales training class. Put on a shirt that corresponds to every topic covered. Do the recap via a striptease covering the topics from Monday through Friday.

2. Do a funny (and by “funny,” I could mean “wickedly cruel”) top 10 list about something. Perhaps the top 10 list could be about the winners and losers in the latest round of “Senior Management Shuffling the Deck Chairs?”

1. Spread toys around your office that talk whenever anyone picks them up.

What corporate fun ideas are you going to do this week?  – Mike Brown


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