Whether you are already working on your business strategy for next year or are updating plans for later this year, here are ten business strategy questions we use that will benefit you.

These business strategy questions represent a mix of open-ended questions along with a few Yes/No ones. That means you can vary them to stimulate strategic conversations (if that is needed) or pin down unwieldy strategic conversations that are not moving toward resolution.

Additionally, with some slight wording variations, you can ask most of these business strategy questions at any point during the strategy development process to keep your strategy development focused.

10 Business Strategy Questions You Need to Ask


  1. Does this strategy make sense based on what we know and expect to happen?
  2. Does the strategy accurately convey what we really want to accomplish with the brand?
  3. Do all the important parts of this business strategy align with and support one another?
  4. What type of message will this strategy send to the organization about where we are heading?
  5. How can we most simply describe it so people can learn and understand it?
  6. Is it evident (from how we have stated that strategy) what we will do to implement it?
  7. In what ways can we better link this strategy to things we already do successfully?
  8. How long will it take us to implement the strategy, and is that amount of time reasonable?
  9. What things HAVE to happen to carry out the strategy successfully?
  10. Do we have the metrics in place to measure it, and if we do not, can we put the metrics in place?

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