It's the end of the week (sort of, but not really), and it's time for a short post about a long-term problem I finally did something about this week.

When I proofread a blog, presentation, or strategic planning document, I typically start at the front and work backward.

No problem if I get through the entire blog, presentation, or strategic planning document EVERY time. When that doesn't happen (which is very often), it creates a problem. By the time the whole thing is finished, I may have edited the front section 5 or 6 times more than the end.

I was about to make the same mistake again the other day when it became clear the end of the plan I was working on was nowhere near completion even though the front section was in pretty good shape, save for a little editing. Instead of giving the front of the plan yet another round of attention, I consciously moved to the end of the document to work on the fundamental writing needed to get the strategic planning document in decent shape.

If you're guilty of the same habit of always starting at the front when proofreading, begin at the end next time with the fresh eyes and full attention the front of the document usually receives. It's a great way to deliver a much more consistent effort reflecting your expertise all the way through.  – Mike Brown

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