If you find yourself getting into the same negative personal situations again and again, and it never turns out very well, it's time to ask yourself:

  • Am I really learning from mistakes I've made?
  • For whatever reason, am I failing to see my personal role in creating challenges for others in working with me?
  • Have I failed to work on myself in a productive way that leads to changed outcomes in my career or life?
  • If I'm being honest, would I admit I'm more "talk" than "do"?
  • Am I failing to accurately see myself as others see me?
  • Is my sense of timing a problem in that it leads to hesitation when needing to act, spouting off when needing to keep my mouth shut, and passiveness when I should be leaving a situation?
  • Am I going back into similar unsuccessful situations again and again because they feel familiar?

I read these seven questions to someone, whose reaction was, "Wow, those are harsh questions!"

The seven questions may sound harsh, but if you see the same negative patterns repeating in your career, it's about time to ask yourself some harsh questions. Or even better, ask these questions of someone who knows and can be objective about you and see what that person says. Big personal change is possible - it's tough, but it is possible.

If you're in a bad situation, are you ready to work on the real changes you need?  - Mike Brown

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