There's a sense that creative people think differently than everyone else. Given that we often perceive creative ideas as different than what people would typically expect. We see creativity in unique, or at least unusual, responses we wouldn’t have imagined. It's not surprising, then that many classically creative people can seem different than the crowd.  If everyone had been able to come up with comparable responses, they’d be run of the mill and not creative.

Everyone Can Be Creative!  


If you want to be more consistently creative, it's vital to mine the perspectives you have or can manufacture that place you outside the norm. Your atypical perspectives can cause you to experience, process, and respond in very different ways than everyone else might, thus enhancing your creativity.

Where do those atypical views come from in your life?

They can emerge from a variety of places, including:

Go find the perspectives where you aren’t run of the mill and create away with your atypical self! - Mike Brown

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