When you are repetitively good, people describe you as “perennial.”

When you are repetitively “bad,” people label you (or you label yourself) as "chronic."

A chronic complainer.

A chronic loser.

Chronically ill.

When you are a perennial, there is something either innate to you or in your environment (or both) that communicates the faith you and others have in your ability to sustain solid performance year after year.

When you are chronic, however, there is something in your environment or inside you preventing you from getting out of the rut where you find yourself.

If a bad condition is temporary, it is just a matter of finding a remedy, cure, or solution to get past it.

When it is “chronic,” however, it implies all you can do is try to manage the bad situation so it does not get much worse - since it is not likely to get appreciably better.

If you’ve been saddled with “chronic” and you think or hope there might be some way – ANY way – to change the implication that all you can do is manage to not get worse, do anything you can to try and change it.


Because chronic sucks, my friends. Chronic sucks. – Mike Brown



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