As I mentioned earlier in the week, it's been a long while since I regularly solicited ideas for weekly Brainzooming topics on strategy, innovation, and planning via Twitter.  That comment reminded me of the need to ask you for ideas:

  • What strategy, innovation, or creativity challenges or questions would you like to have addressed on Brainzooming?  Maybe it's a strategic question you're wrestling with or a marketing opportunity your small business has yet to capitalize on successfully. You make the choice.

Brainzooming - Catalyzing innovative success.This is an opportunity for a no-strings attached, several hundred word strategic insight on the business, marketing, or innovation opportunity you're facing. Simply leave a comment with your question or email me with "Brainzooming Topic" in the subject. We'll do some Brainzooming for you and share our thinking to help catalyze innovative success for you!

BTW - Tomorrow is Good Friday, so in keeping with our tradition here at Brainzooming, there won't be a post tomorrow. See you back here Monday!  - Mike Brown