While writing this Brainzooming strategic blog post, I’m in my favorite strategic, creative environment. Regular readers, say it in unison, “Mike’s on a plane!” Tonight I’m flying Southwest Airlines and enjoying “Plane Crackers,” the snack you apparently get now on intermediate Southwest flights. Plane Crackers are a great way of attaching a strategic shape to a service experience.

Maybe it’s natural for Southwest since the airplane is a huge part of the physical evidence of its service experience.

This whole strategic topic of shape intrigues me because quite frankly, I’ve struggled putting one to The Brainzooming Group experience. Originally, I tried to pick a shape which seemed both fun and vaguely industrial, thus the Jokerman font in the blog logo.

In the past year, however, with my wife Cyndi’s creative input, I’ve gravitated toward an orange square as an emblematic symbol for The Brainzooming Group. With the name appearing close to, but not in the square, it suggests “out of the box” while recognizing creative strategies still have to be implementable. The square also suggests the hundreds of sticky notes and numerous posters full of ideas The Brainzooming Group creative approach generates during an energetic strategy session with a client.

While I’m drawn to the square, it’s not clear to me it’s ultimately the right shape for Brainzooming.

Let’s wrap with 3 questions:

1. As a Brainzooming blog reader, what shapes are suggested by your blog reading experience?

2. In your organization, especially if it’s a service, how are you using shape in a strategic, creative way?

3. And if the answer to #2 is “we’re not,” how could you begin to strategically and creatively incorporate shape into your brand experience?

I'm looking forward to your thoughts! – Mike Brown

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