Despite being very ready for 2019 to end, I hadn’t thought all that much about everything turning into 2020 and what changes and expectations that might create.

2020 Shifting Sands

With a little serious and a little silly, here are twenty experiences that I hope 2020 delivers:

  1. Some website doing a 60 over 60 list for people who are still kicking ass, even if those asses are sagging a bit.
  2. Plenty of opportunities to be ready to help others when they need it.
  3. An official start-up hype index with WeWork at 100 and Brainzooming at 0.
  4. Okay, maybe Brainzooming at 15 or 20 on the hype index; we could use a little more hype.
  5. A return to my previous writing form.
  6. A consistent Fitbit sleep score in the 70s (instead of the 50s or 60s).
  7. A dependable growth formula that is actually dependable.
  8. The inside of a gym five times weekly.
  9. A brief, factual campaign season during the US election.
  10. Someone figuring out what the next year is whose symmetry makes it perfect for a far-off, aspirational get it all right then target.
  11. More time for prayer.
  12. Growing better at recognizing when prayers are answered.
  13. A bigger hint about what's next.
  14. Role clarity in life and work.
  15. Less snake oil.
  16. Reaching more people with Brainzooming tools.
  17. Seeing the end in sight.
  18. Abundant blessings for friends who are struggling beyond any natural capacity to handle struggles.
  19. Nearly everything different than in 2019.
  20. More cowbell.

What are you hoping that 2020 will deliver for you? – Mike Brown

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