You are considering a new opportunity. It's in the early stages. You have some sense of the idea or concept. It's an attractive possibility, yet you are still very early in understanding how this possibility fits relative to your objectives.

In a situation like this, when do you decide to put on your long-term glasses?

Those are the ones that shift your perspective to what the opportunity will look like years from now, when the new wears off. When today's initial excitement has faded from memory, and, if you made the wrong assessment, you'll be kicking yourself on the daily.

So, when DO you ask the questions about whether you'll love this opportunity years from now?

Ask too early, and big future opportunities will seem much smaller than they really are.

Ask too late? You've potentially hold onto an opportunity that keeps promising great things but never fulfills on the hopes you had initially.

What's the answer?

It's the equivalent of a corporate pair of trifocals. You can put them on and look near, far, and in-between, if you know how to do it. It isn’t easy. You have to tilt your head just so to change your perspective. You need to be looking at all the distances all the time to know when to go forward and when to move on. – Mike Brown

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