Where are your skills strongest relative to developing and implementing strategy? What's your natural strategy role - a strategist, a planner, or an implementer?

This question emerged in a conversation with Tara Baukus Mello about our Brainzooming product development planning. As we talked, the question about someone's natural strategy role proved central to determining how conceptual and detailed our own plan should be.

What's Your Strategy Role?

Here are descriptions of the three strategy roles:

Some people, based on their personal capabilities plus current assignments and strategic situations, take on more than one strategy role. For instance, a strategic implementer has the wherewithal (and prefers) to progress with more flexibility than a tightly-detailed plan allows should the underlying situation change.

No matter where you are in trying to develop and implement personal or organizational strategy, you need people playing all three strategy roles so you can move from planning to doing with success.

How to Deepen Your Strategy Role Depth this Year

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