How solid is the strategy implementation process at your organization?

Some companies move seamlessly from ideas to strategies to execution. Other organizations continually struggle with translating great new product or process improvement strategies into results.

Which type of organization is yours? Do you have a well-defined strategy implementation process, or is implementation a haphazard activity?

You’re going to see more from us on strategy implementation in the coming weeks. For organizations implementing new initiatives this year, it’s a critical time to launch them successfully and make early course corrections on those that do not launch well.

So far, we have released new strategy implementation eBooks on moving forward during uncertain times and five ways to implement better and faster.

10 Questions for Successfully Launching New Programs

Today, we’re introducing another new Brainzooming implementation strategy process eBook: 10 Questions for Successfully Launching New Programs (we are calling it 10? for short).

10? Improve Process Implementation Strategy with these 10 Questions

We know from experience that exploring the strong project planning questions even before an initiative launches sets the stage for your implementation teams to consistently start down the best, most successful paths.

strategy implementation process toolsUsing the ten project planning questions in the FREE 10? eBook, you can determine how to best evaluate, finalize, and move forward on initiative goals, participants, implementation strategies, tactics, and timing.

Whether you are a senior executive, an initiative leader, a team member, or a project manager, you can ask these questions to facilitate action-oriented, strategic conversations. You will lay the groundwork to launch new initiatives with a greater shared understanding among your team. You will also develop a sharper sense of what is important strategically, plus the leeway you have to adjust implementation parameters moving forward.

Download your copy of 10 Questions for Successfully Launching New Programs today for you and your entire team.

Make 10? a routine element of your strategy implementation process!   – Mike Brown