3-DoorsSometimes there is only one door available as your point of entry for a problem or opportunity you’re facing. While your choices for how to approach things are severely limited, there isn’t a lot of strategic thinking required when deciding where and how to start.

Sometimes there is only one good door to open up a problem or opportunity, yet it SEEMS like there are five or six different doors you COULD try. Choices are typically beneficial for strategic thinking. Having several doors from which to pick when addressing a problem or opportunity, however, can slow progress as you do the strategic thinking and trial needed to identify the only door that will maximize success.

Other times, there are several doors that will work with varying levels of success to address a problem or opportunity. In these cases, you need to quickly accomplish the strategic thinking to best identify the door (or doors) that will be most productive and fruitful.

Still other times, as was the case working with a client the other day to plan a kickoff event, there are fifteen doors you could open to begin developing a strategic opportunity. Pretty much all fifteen doors will lead toward creating strategic impact. The big thing here is your willingness to embrace the strategic thinking and exploration that having so many possibilities entails.

Short story?

You'll face various situations all the time that have different dynamics and variables leading to success. One of the best things you can do early on is hone your ability to identify how many doors a particular problem or opportunity offers that could lead to creating strategic impact. Mike Brown


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