We have released a host of eBooks on strategic planning exercises and ideas to increase collaboration, creative thinking, alignment, and successful implementation. In case you missed any Brainzooming strategy planning eBooks, here are seven to jump start your strategic planning exercises and better engage your team in shaping your organization’s direction.

You can download your copies by clicking on the titles or the covers of the eBooks below.

Results - Creating Strategic Impact (Download)

The Results eBook makes our case for collaborative strategy planning among your organization’s employees (and even, in many cases, your customers). That doesn’t mean you turn over strategy setting. It does mean that you ask all your important audiences for their perspectives to meaningfully shape the strategy you determine.

The 600 Most Powerful Strategic Planning Questions (Download)

This is our biggest collection ever of strategic thinking questions to move strategy planning ahead in finding the best strategic direction. The questions also address branding, marketing, innovation, creativity, and implementation.

Reimagining the SWOT Analysis (Download)

The SWOT analysis is the workhorse of strategic planning exercises. That creates two options: always use it as originally designed while it calcifies, or shake it up and realize new value from adapting the SWOT analysis in a way that best suits your organization.

Big Strategy Statements - A Collaborative Way to Shape Your Strategic Direction (Download)

If your organization has a big strategy statement (vision, mission, etc.), but didn’t involve your employees in helping to shape it, you have missed a HUGE opportunity. These strategic planning exercises provide a way to engage employees in the direction you will depend on them to create.

11 Fun Ideas for Strategic Planning (Download)

If you are in charge of strategic planning exercises in your organization, you can take the same old approaches and perpetuate miserably boring and mind-numbing strategy planning meetings. Alternatively, you can use the fun ideas in this eBook to create an engaging strategy planning experience that motivates great thinking and creates strategy fans!

10 Questions for Successfully Launching New Programs (Download)

As you assemble a team for implementation, you want to start down the right path. The strategic thinking questions here provide teams a way to shape implementation through focus and inclusiveness.

321 GO! 5 Ways to Start Implementing Faster and Better (Download)

Not all implementation teams step up to the opportunity to move ahead. These five situations and corresponding remedies help senior leaders and initiative point people move teams forward if they hesitate.

4 Strategies for Implementing in Uncertain Times (Download)

Things are crazy right now. There is a lot of uncertainty globally, and has a way of paralyzing organizations. Even if your implementation path is not completely clear, these four strategies will help you move forward in a smart way.  – Mike Brown

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